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RES 1031 - Services - Why do a Reverse Exchange?

RES 1031 - Services - Why do a Reverse Exchange?
There are a number of reasons why people do Reverse Exchanges, but these are the most common:

Chance to purchase an exceptional Replacement Property at a good price or one that fits a particular need that has to close quickly.
The Relinquished Property transaction fell apart at the last minute.
Potential loss of deposit on Replacement Property.
Remodeling or construction needed to increase value of the Replacement Property.
Extreme market conditions.
Large capital gains tax liability.
Desire to gain more control over time to negotiate a good price for the Relinquished Property.
Relinquished Property is structured as a partnership or LLC and needs to be restructured as a tenants-in-common arrangement to meet Exchanger's goals.
Opportunities gained exceed the extra costs associated with a Reverse Exchange.

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