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RES Benifits - Non-Safe Harbor

RES Benefits
If the relinquished property is not sold to the 3rd party buyer within 180-days, or if in a build-to-suit situation the construction period will exceed 180 days, the transaction will not fall within the IRS "Safe Harbor" rules. In these circumstances, Consolidated Reverse Management, Inc. ("CRM"), an affiliate of RES, can provide the additional services necessary to qualify the transaction as a tax-deferred exchange. Those services will include CRM investing equity in the property and having more significant involvement in the ownership of the "parked" property and in the supervision of any construction project in a build-to-suit transaction. These non "safe harbor" transactions are more complex and require customized solutions to fit the particular circumstances of the exchange. If your reverse exchange includes construction or non "safe harbor" issues, we will be glad to discuss the various ways CRM can work with you to resolve them.
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